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Building a better future for the Romanian dogs

Europe4strays is a non profit Romanian organization involved in dog rescue and leading a sustainable action to stop the overpopulation of unwanted animals in the county of Vrancea, Romania.

Mirela Mistodinis biography

As it is widely known lots of Romanians have migrated to Italy in the early 90s motivated by chances of higher earnings. Mirela was one of them and she spent half of her life in Italy,
for this reason she has an open mind to western values and speaks perfectly Italian. In 2015 because of families reasons she decided to go back to Movilita her home-village in Romania and facing the plight of the strays dogs  she got involved in dog rescue. 
Her first rescue concerned 24 puppies from the streets, 15 of them were  sick of parvovirus. She managed to provide veterinary care and save all their lives. Some of them are happily adopted abroad and some are still at home with Mirela.
Mirela is a very sensitive human that today is dedicating her life to care the dogs rescued from the terrible conditions of the local public shelter Golesti or from the dangerous streets.
At the moment, Mirela fosters the dogs in her home and in her sister's (Neli) house.
In total they have approximately 260 dogs (which 15 are their own dogs and are not for adoption)
To feed the dogs and provide them veterinary care Mirela relies on adoption fees,
sponsorships and on  donations.

mIRELA 2.jpg


by Mirela Mistodinis.

Mirela Mistodinis is a Romanian Dog rescuer and has over 260 stray dogs in her care. Mirela is the Head of Europe4strays, a registered Romanian NGO with headquarter in a small village named Bizighesti in the County of Vrancea.

This organisation is 100% volunteer run by Mirela with the collaboration of several activists in Romania and abroad. 

We fundraise to complete and mantain the Lodge that Mirela and her husband Dragos have built to shelter the rescued dogs.

We also fundraise to buy food, to pay veterinary expenses such as medicines, vaccinations, deworming, anti-fleas, surgeries or skin diseases.

In 2018 we have launched our first Spay/Neuter campaign. 

Sterilization is the only efficient way to stop the suffering of the stray dogs so that there are less unwanted dogs in need

of our help.

Mirela and her Team do this by working with the local community, educating people and by covering through donations the costs of neutering for people on a low income. 

At Europe4strays we are driven by the ultimate goal of contributing to a better world for all the Romanian stray dogs.

How to help

Mirela has started the building of her private dog housing on her family land early 2020.

The name is:

The Cheerful Kindergarten 🐾 (Grădinița veselă🐾) .

This special project is very dear to Mirela and her husband Dragos. They have always dreamed to offer a safe, warm and happy home for as many stray dogs as possible, where they could run free and far from harm. This lodge will be a chance of a forever home for the dogs who have nowhere else to go but also to prepare to a family life the lucky ones that will leave to be adopted abroad.

Mirela and Dragos have spent all their savings to start the project. They have achieved so much so far;  fencing is finished, the water and the electricity are connected to the plot of land and the main building construction is in progress and improving to offer as much comfort as possible for the dogs and the new guests the Cats. 


(Second building)

-Care facility with puppy’s room and quarantine area

Food and supplies storage 

Project for an:

-Education/Training space



The Cheerful Kindergarten pic .jpg

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